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The Closest Airport To Orlando, Florida

If you are staying in a place that is not easy to get a direct airline to Orlando, there are many connecting flights. Since Orlando is the most sought-after destination, you can somehow reach the place by several connecting airlines and nearby airports. Travel company offers many services like booking tickets askvenue and guiding you explore more places in Orlando. Visit their website to know more about their services. 

Finding the right airport for you!

Travelling to Orlando, Florida, is filled with lots of enthusiasm. There are so many things to watch out for, thereby keeping you in lots of anticipation. However, you must know the different airports that the city is famous for. If you are new to travel to Orlando, there are a few nearby airports that you should know as follows

  1. Orlando International Airport (MCO): It is the city’s primary airport. It has about 37 airlines that serve various destinations across the world. It is one of the busiest airports in the city. Orlando Airport flights travel to major cities of the world like Dublin, Chicago, London, and so on. It is the best airport choice if one is traveling from or to Florida. You can easily get cheap Orlando flight tickets that have this airport as its destination. From here it is very easy to locate your hotels and other tourists’ destinations. There is an official mobile application for this airport called Orlando MCO Airport App. It helps in navigating the two terminals and also gives information regarding food courts and shopping malls. 
  2. Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB): It is the second international airport to Orlando located in Sanford. It might not have all the amenities at MCO airport. You can see that only a few airlines like Allegiant, ViaAir, and Interjet are serving this airport. Allegiant offers budget fares and many people take this airline to go around the United States. Most flights travel from and to Amsterdam and Aruba. Two terminals serve domestic as well as international flights. The airport contains shops, fast-food eateries, bars, and a food court. Free Wi-Fi is available at this airport. 
  3. Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB): This airport is located in Melbourne, Florida. If you are planning to travel along the Atlantic coast, then you can depart at this airport. It is the closest commercial airport closest to destinations like Kennedy Space Center and Port Canaveral. Major airlines operating at MLB airports are Delta, American Airlines, Porter Airlines, and American airlines. Here a jet center called Apex jet center is there which serves as the hub for most private jets. 

Orlando Executive Airport (OEA): Only private flights travel through Orlando Executive Airport. This airport is only three miles away from the city of Orlando.  The service operates for 24 Hours where most private and chartered flights will be found. These flights offer door-to-door service to Orlando. For weather conditions and flight delays, you can check their website often.

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